Sunday, June 12, 2011

the zoo!

duane had the day off from work yesterday so we decided to take kingston to oxbow park which has a pretty decent zoo, plus it's free! it was a little chilly which is ridiculous because just a few days ago it was 103 degrees. that's minnesota for you I guess. kingston loved it, and I got to practice shooting in manual mode. I'm still new at it, but I'm trying!

while we were at the zoo it was cutting into kingston's normal nap time schedule. schedules are awesome EXCEPT when you have to do stuff outside your schedule, then it gets a little tricky. when we got home, kingston decided that he wanted to completely skip his nap. bad idea, little buddy. he would rub his little red, tired eyes all day and was super crabby. but didn't wanna nap. so, we went to the park next to our apartment, had a late lunch/early dinner from applebees, played inside, took a bath, and FINALLY it was bedtime for our little monster. duane rented gnomeo and juliet for us and brought home blizzards from DQ (mint oreo is my fave)!

be prepared for a crap ton of photos because that's kinda the best part.

duane is back to work today so kingston and I are off to shop and play at the mall. happy sunday, friends!

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