Sunday, June 19, 2011

happy father's day

kingston and I are pretty lucky to have this guy around everyday. last night when duane got home from his "father's day pool tournament" downtown at top shots we had subway, and I let him open his gifts a little early (after a lot of begging went down). he's pretty dang easy to buy for and since I've used up a lot of my clever/crafty ideas the past few years, I just bought him a 24 case of diet mountain dew, a pack of mike & ikes, 2 pairs of shorts, and 2 polos. he rarely buys himself clothes so basically his newer wardrobe for the past 3 years has been bought by me. plus he needs a few new clothes for when we fly to california next month to visit duane's family! this will be kingston's 3rd time on a plane (once to california, once to arkansas), and I'm hoping it goes as well as the last 2 times. anyway, this morning duane and kingston went for a walk while I showered and got ready. then we went to old country buffet for breakfast, which is duane's favorite so there's no way I could say no. duane has to work today from 12-9 so that's kind of a bummer but overall I think he had a pretty awesome father's day. he won 2nd place in the pool tournament yesterday which is $75, won $100 on $20 in pull tabs, got some cool gifts, and had a delicious breakfast! he deserves it all ;)

kingston and I are pretty lucky to have this guy around as well. that's my dad who is pretty much the BEST dad and grandpa a girl and her kiddo could ask for. right now he's serving in afghanistan, he's been there since last september and will be home at the end of august this year! when I was a senior in high school he served a year in iraq so it's a huge bummer that he had to go back, especially now that kingston is here. my dad sees it as an "army adventure" and we're VERY proud of him!

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