Friday, May 27, 2011

friday favorites

I love reading friday favorites on other's blog so I figured I would start my own cause, ya know, I have a lot of favorite things to share!

I don't like country music. never have, probably never will. but I do like this song.

duane and I sat reading this website for almost an hour the other night. we were laughing SO hard.

this concealer is awesome and inexpensive. it's my new favorite concealer for sure. I've heard it's a dupe for kat von d's tattoo concealer, so that's pretty awesome because kat's is around $25. steal!

it is very safe to say that I'm addicted to perfume. I don't know why I've never tried this perfume before but it's definitely one of my new faves.

I have a top almost identical to this one but mine is from charlotte russe, black/grey/lime green, and TOO BIG. I'm thinking I might have to replace it with this one. I love leopard print, sorry 'bout it.

now that we're on one of my favorite subjects (shopping at forever21), I might as well let you all know that I want this dress, these flats (leopard print, we meet again), this topthis peasant topthese awesome dreamcatcher earrings, this owl necklace, these shorts for lounging around the apartment, and this purse. WHEW! that's a lot of stuff (and I only got through half the new arrivals, yikes).

I hope you all have an awesome memorial weekend!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

yep, this is a venting post

what a horrible freaking morning at work today. I've vented to quite a few people about this but it's still bothering me.

one of our newer massage therapists, her name is sara, agreed to come in on thursday mornings to deep clean our work place for a little extra money. she's a single mama of a 1 year old boy and also cleans rooms at a hotel for a side job. is that an excuse to (attempt to) steal from a co-worker? HELL NO.

and that co-worker she attempted to steal from is ME (and who knows who else?!). before getting into the drama, let me just say that sara has only been at massage envy for about 2 months and has a very awkward and shy personality. I can get along with almost anyone so I have been nothing but nice to sara. I've asked her about her 1 year old son, her crappy baby daddy, her jobs and how she basically relies on food stamps to eat. she even invited kingston and I to her little guy's 1st birthday a few weeks back (we didn't go and I'm sure glad we didn't).

this morning I got to work at 7:30 and sara was already there cleaning. I left my purse on one of the chairs up front like I normally do while I did my opening procedures. I walked in the back and closed all the massage room doors, but I didn't see sara. as I was coming through one of the doors to go up front, I noticed sara quickly going through the door on the other side as she headed the opposite direction. I thought that was weird because she usually would have stopped to say hello. I didn't think too much of it and grabbed my yogurt out of my purse and noticed I forgot to grab a spoon from the break room when I was in the back. so I walked to the back and noticed sara in the storage room getting supplies so I said good morning. when I came back up front I opened the door and saw her hovering over the chair that my purse was sitting on. she quickly shuffled out of the way. ... UGH. really, sara? I walked over and noticed my wallet sitting on top of my purse, open. great! our conversation went a little something like this...

*keep in mind sara is a very awkward mid-20 year old who obviously does not like confrontation*

me: what are you doing?
sara: nothing, I was just... looking for something.
me: why is my wallet sitting on top of my purse and why is it open?
sara: I don't know...
me: I'm not stupid. why did you open my wallet?
sara: *VERY awkwardly* I was just looking at it and it popped open.
me: (thinking to myself, ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?) did you take anything?
sara: no.
me: (disappointed, sad, confused, furious, pissed, still in shock) well... I'm really sorry you did that.
sara: *runs in back*

you guys. I have never had this happen to me before (my sister doesn't count) and I was seriously shaking. she looked so sad and pathetic that even though I was pissed beyond belief, I stayed calm and tried not to flip out on her stupid ass. it just really sucks that after being SO nice to this girl, this is how I get treated in return. I immediately had a killer headache, and I was shaking while I had to make phone calls and answer incoming calls and deal with clients. I text my boss sonya (if you've read a few of my entries you'll know that sonya is like a second mom to me) and told her "HUGE PROBLEM" and quickly explained the story via text because sara had awkwardly come back up front to start cleaning in sonya's office. when she came back up front I had been counting the money in my wallet and making sure nothing was stolen. nothing was missing, thank goodness.

I'm sure you all can guess the outcome of sara's complete stupidity. she got fired. sonya didn't let her finish the day of massages that she had scheduled. oh and, can I just say that karma started early for her? her first client showed up but her next 2 did not, they totally no-showed her ass. GOOD. she had 2 more scheduled after that but sonya sent her packing. I really hope she learns from this and teaches her little kiddo RIGHT FROM WRONG.

thanks for listening and letting me vent (even more), friends! :)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

sandbox lovin'

kingston and I stayed at my parents' house this past weekend. he played with his new turtle sandbox which is surprisingly really small. I mean the turtle is huge but the main sandbox part is not. there's a little ledge to sit on and a "lazy river" around the top of it but come on, my child is 16 months old and average height/weight and barely fits in that thing. lame. my mom bought him MORE sandbox toys. she also washed all his 18-24 month clothing that she bought him, so yep, my child has more clothes than I can make room for. it's kinda crazy how much my mom and I both love to shop, especially for kingston. he's one spoiled little boy.

the last few pictures are of the pot I painted for my mom for mother's day/her graduation. I like how it turned it. I didn't take any pictures of the geraniums I bought to go IN the pot because I haven't the slightest clue how to go about doing that. so I just set the pot & the flowers, along with her gardening gloves, on the counter and waited until she noticed. she loved 'em. for my mother's day gift she bought me one of my fave perfumes - chanel chance (and let me sleep in super late on sunday!) she's one awesome mama. oh, and the flowers in the background are from duane's mom. she bought them for me on her last day here because I'm one awesome mama. she's so sweet :)

Thursday, May 19, 2011


oh my gosh you guys. I can finally breathe. duane’s mom left tuesday night, I’m done with my 3 day work week (it’s stressful sometimes okay), the apartment is semi-clean, the laundry is done, and I can sit and relax... for a little bit.

kingston and I are going to my parent's house this weekend and grandma has all kinds of new toys for kingston including a pretty sweet turtle sandbox to go with his new sandbox toys from mama & daddy. every kid has to have a sandbox, ya know? we haven't been to visit in awhile so I'm getting her mother's day & graduation gifts ready. her job of almost 20 years closed down and paid for her to attend 2 years of school, which she completed with a 4.0 GPA every single quarter. she's such a little smarty pants. basically all she did was study, study, study and talk about her homework and teachers. my dad is in afghanistan (he served a year in iraq a few years ago and is now serving a year in afghanistan, he'll be home this september) so school is really all she had to keep her busy. now that school is over you'd think she'd be out applying for badass accounting jobs but instead she's outside doing yardwork and working on her gardens. I got her a nice heavy-duty pair of gardening gloves, an engraved ceramic stone for one of her gardens and a potted plant/flowers. I'm planning on painting the pot myself and HOPEFULLY (fingers crossed) getting kingston's hand prints on the pot as well. it's gonna be messy and awesome, and I really hope it turns out. I got the awesome pot painting idea from lovely melissa over at dear baby. I'll photograph the final result :)

here are a few pictures from the past weekend when we went to mall of america and let kingston get his ride on. and who doesn't love clapping pictures? ;)

Friday, May 13, 2011

holy busy week

hi, friends! this week has been super busy. duane's mom flew in from california early this morning and will be here til tuesday so we've got lots of fun things planned for the weekend. I have a hair appointment tomorrow morning then we're heading to the mall of america for the afternoon then off to my boss, sonya's, house for their housewarming party. it's probably going to be a great day. I have to try to get in my 3 assignments for my SLR class I'm taking. with the amount of pictures I take on the daily I never thought it would be this hard to set aside a few minutes to try to take some fast shutter & slow shutter photos. sheeeesh. but I'm REALLY loving this class and all the fun things I'm learning. I bought my canon t1i with absolutely no clue how to use it for what it's meant for (manual duhhh). now I just have to get cracking on those photos!

I really wanted to start my "friday favorites" today but seeing as I've had no time for anything, I'll have to start that next friday. so instead, I'll leave you with this, courtesy my lovely boyfriend. - even if you're the world's biggest prude, I hope you'll still find this as funny as I do.

also, umm, would anyone happen to know why my font & post title font are not the same fonts that I set them to in my template design? maybe it's just my computer (???) but I don't see "arial" or "lobster" anywhere on this blog. dumb.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

happy mother's day

cheers to an amazing mama's day! "brunch" at old country buffet, a hello kitty basket stuffed full of goodies, gorgeous flowers with balloons for the kiddo, shopping with kingston and buying him an ON SALE $19 pair of nike sandals, eating slice upon slice of watermelon, working out for the first time in 2 weeks, and basically just being amazed at the overall wonderfullness that is my son. so here's to you, kingston, for making me a mama. I love you.

I highly suggest that we become facebook friends because I took the greatest ever video of kingston today. he is obsessed with balloons (ever since his 1st birthday party, naturally) and demanded that he got to play with the balloons attached to my flowers. he would hold them tight & when he would let go, he'd yell in the most concerned voice ever "oh noooo!" it's just the greatest thing in the world.

happy mother's day to all you beautiful ladies!

Friday, May 6, 2011

baby hawk

kingston decided to give himself a mohawk during lunch yesterday with a little help from his sticky food :)

Sunday, May 1, 2011

park picture overload

the past two fridays I've watched sonya's 5 year old kiddo rj. for those that missed the memo, sonya is my boss and second mom all rolled into one. on friday I wanted to switch things up a bit to make sure kingston got some play time in with rj before he had to take his nap (the last time rj came over kingston had a hell of a time going down for his regular nap) - and my plan worked without a hitch. we went to pick up rj from school at 1130 and spent TWO HOURS at silverlake park (a huge, awesome park by our apartment). as soon as we got home, kingston passed right out & rj and I started watching a movie and both fell asleep within 10 minutes. I can't remember the last time I took a nap. it was nice :) afterwards, we had lunch and scarfed down a ton of watermelon, then went to the park next to our apartment. it was a gooood day.

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