Friday, June 17, 2011

friday favorites: hair products

I love hair products. I really, really do. it's hard for me to go through the hair product aisles and not buy something because there's just SO MUCH STUFF.

I've been blonde my whole life, but I highlight the crap out of my hair thus making it bright blonde, which I prefer. I dyed my hair red 2 years ago, and it was AWESOME. I loved it, but then it faded and it sucked. then I slowly but surely went back to blonde. I thank my lucky stars to have such strong hair because after dying it red and all the blonde I put in my hair, you'd think it would be fried and falling out but nope! props to my hair I guess?

here's a list of hair products I'm currently loving.

I'm sure I'm not the only one that switches up my shampoo constantly, but these are currently in my shower (and have been for a few months)!

clairol shimmer lights - this is my all time favorite purple shampoo! I get mine from sally's and always buy the huge bottle (31.5 fl oz).

herbal essences hello hydration - this is a great moisturizing shampoo plus it smells really good.

suave professionals almond & shea butter - so inexpensive and always leaves my hair SO smooth and silky! when I style the crap out of my hair I always use this shampoo the day after.

suave professionals color protection - I go through conditioner like nobody's business. I always have 2 or 3 bottles stored in the bathroom cupboard. this conditioner is awesome - inexpensive and conditions the heck out of my ends!

aussie moist 3 minute miracle deep conditioner - I don't have to use this conditioner too often but if I ever feel like my ends suck or my hair is getting dry/frizzy from all the STUFF I do to it - I'll use this and BAM! my hair is back to being awesome.

garnier fructis full control anti-humidity hairspray - oh man, I've tried so many hairsprays throughout the years. I'm a hairspray queen and like my hair to be "controlled" but not gross and crusty. this hairspray is AMAZING. it's inexpensive, lasts all day, looks natural, and HI anti-humidity! doesn't get any better than that.

herbal essences none of your frizziness smoothing leave-in creme - I use this on my frizzy hair days. you all know what I'm talking about. this stuff will help you (and your frizzies) out!

got2b guardian angel heat protector/flat iron balm - I reeeeally love this product. it gives a pretty looking finish to your hair. I use this before I straighten or curl/style my hair. they have one meant for curling your hair but my hair curls pretty well so I just stick with this one all the time. I have naturally straight hair but after I blow dry my hair, some of my layers flip in or out so I quick run through with my straightener.

john frieda go blonder controlled lightening spray - I can't say enough good things about this product. I tried it a few months ago when my roots had grown out but I was too lazy to schedule a hair appointment. this stuff worked the very first time I used it (keep in mind it doesn't need to be used often!) I only use it on my roots but it can be used for highlights or all over color. this product is going to save me from getting my hair done all the time. thanks, john frieda!

oh and, if you love makeup like I do but didn't catch last week's makeup favorites post you should probably check that out because it kinda rocks.

happy friday!


  1. Great post! I love makeup and hair products, I just wrote down 3 of your hair products here to try out!!!

  2. I totally agree with you on the shimmer lights, almond sauve, three minute miracle, and garnier hairspray. I was wondering about the go blonder, now that I know it works, I'll have to give it a whirl. I've had to stretch out my highlights lately because of vacations maybe I'll give it a try for the in between. Great post.

  3. yay, you guys are awesome! I'm glad you enjoyed!


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