Sunday, March 4, 2012

oh, hi.

I'm not really sure where to start since I haven't been around since october. whoops! so, as kingston would say, "what's up buddy? my name's kingston." (I go by jaime)

life is crazy, and I've just been busy trying to live it. a lot of things have changed since october but a lot of things have also stayed the same. I still take over 100 pictures a day. my 2 year old son, kingston, still amazes me with his 10+ word sentences. I still like to drink wine and bud light (PLATINUM!). however, I do not still have an android - I HAVE AN IPHONE NOW. that's a pretty big deal. (instagram: jaimepederson, follow me folks!)

some things you may have missed? for halloween kingston was a monster and I was kesha one night, a cat the next. in november I celebrated my 23rd birthday with my best friends, a surprise party, and too many shots. santa brought kingston a play kitchen, train set, shopping cart, play washer/dryer, and 28493 cars for christmas. my best friend holly and I rang in the new year on a party bus touring through rochester. kingston and duane had their first solo trip to california to visit duane's family. it was a miserable 5 days for this mama at home alone, I really missed my kid. on january 19th, kingston turned TWO. we had a "planes, trains & trucks" party for him that weekend. I made all of his decorations and our family and closest friends crowded into our apartment for an afternoon of fun. after living in the same apartment for over 3 years, our landlord agreed to let us paint kingston's room (a light grey called "two turtle doves") so finally all of his white furniture doesn't match his post-white walls. we bought a few new pieces from ikea, and I ordered some darling prints off of etsy to go above his crib. room tour coming soon!

also? my obsession with instagram is a little out of hand so it only makes sense that I should post all the photos I've been taking lately. amIright?

strutting his stuff at target, tire swinging at the park, doily banner making, birthday cake oreos - 'nough said, bff birthday drinks at buffalo wild wings, frames to be hung above kingston's crib, shopping, h&m men's hoodie in XS - yes, please, and kingston busy at work/taking a potty training break.

kingston and daddy have matching vacuums, playing at mr pizza while taking mama out for a lunch break, kingston's 2 year stats, holly and I got tattoos for our kiddos a few weeks ago, BUD. LIGHT. PLATINUM., new tattoo and party dress for holly's 23rd birthday, the birthday girl, and best friends.

caribou lou, holly's stinky dog robert, "flaming" lemon drop shots, kingston's new kicks, favorite pajama shirt ever, and kingston & daddy time.

peanut butter & jelly sammich at his grandparent's house, silly decorations from kingston's 2nd birthday party, chex mix jalapeno cheddar = kingston's latest food obsession, messy hands, mom?!, being silly, relaxing with daddy, and playing at pet smart!

thanks for catching up with us! I'll try to stick around longer this time.
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