Thursday, April 28, 2011

falling slowly

the other night I was watching the voice (christina aguilera is on it, ya know?) and this couple came on singing a duet and oh. my. god. they're SO good! I did a little google searching and the song they sang is falling slowly by glen hansard & marketa irglova. it's such a pretty song, and I've been playing it on repeat all night. I decided to do a little more searching on the adorable couple from the voice and found out they go by the name elenowen. I checked them out on itunes and their version of falling slowly is up so of course I'll be listening to their's on repeat now. check it out!

(this is the original recording)

(elenowen's recording)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

15 months old

when a doctor tells you your child is 7 months ahead for his age, I think I deserve a little bragging time. am I right? I'm one proud mama. and even if he was 7 months behind, I would still be one proud mama!

on tuesday kingston had his 15 month appointment (he turned 15 months old on april 19th). he's becoming very skeptical of strangers which is so strange to see him do because he has always been so friendly and would jabber up a storm around anyone. now when he sees someone new, he takes the time to think about who that person is and want they're going to do. he usually checks them out a little bit, then will ask them a question with one of the words he knows. "bun?" "again?" haha. it's pretty funny to watch how he questions people. in the end, though, he usually always gives a smile & becomes his silly ol' self.

he didn't give the nurses his "silly ol' self" treatment. he knew exactly what they were up to and basically cried his little head off while getting weighed and measured. it's like he KNEW one of them was going to be the person who made mama & dada hold him down while they jabbed him in the leg for those darn shots ;(

his doctor, however, he really seems to like (after about 5 minutes or so of watching her every move). he likes her SO much that he shows off all his mad skills for her. he really helped me out by backing up all my "he can do this and say this and this" stories that I gush on and on about. sometimes babies are great at making their proud parents look like complete liars (they're so smart like that). he talked up a storm (this kiddo says a lot of words for only being 15 months old), showed her how he's a "problem solver", and how well he listens and reacts to what someone says. the doc left very impressed and let us know that we can skip his 18 month appointment because he's way past 18 months - he's where a 22 month old should be. *beaming mom face*

kingston's stats...
height: 31 1/4 inches
weight: 24 lbs 12 oz

Friday, April 22, 2011

life as we know it

ahhh. I have new followers. I'm so excited! my blog is so lame and new right now so I apologize I don't have much fun stuff to look at yet. I'm working on it, I promise. welcome, new friends!

for those of you new peeps who didn't know me before I became a mama should probably know that ever since I became a teenager, I decided I never wanted to get married or have kids. it just didn't seem like "me." I wanted an amazing career (daycare? babysitters? no thanks), to be able to go out and do what I want any time day or night, to be able to date cute guys and not get too attached (what's the fun in that?), and just be CAREFREE.

turns out, now that I'm a mama, I can't imagine thinking the way I used to. I can still have an amazing career, but as of right now I've decided to put college on the side burner and work 3 days a week at a job I don't particularly love but can tolerate (thanks to my wonderful co-workers). I'll get there someday, but until then I don't want to miss a second of my son growing up. thank goodness I partied and went out with friends and did crazy (stupid) things when I was in high school because partying every night and running off to do who knows what doesn't seem as appealing as it did back then, ya know? don't get me wrong, I still love a good night out with my friends every now and then, I would just rather not be too hungover to play with my child.

not only has my mind changed about having ONE child, I would like 2 more. preferably another boy and 1 girl. I already have both of their names picked out and pretty much have duane on board with my choices (easy as pie). according to duane, we are going to at least be engaged by the time we have our next child (hopefully within the next 3 years), which I'm totally on board with. yep, it took a long time to get here but I can actually imagine myself picking out a wedding dress and attempting to plan MY wedding. I should probably knock on wood after saying all this.

it's crazy how 1 unplanned move can change your life and completely change the way you view your future. I can't believe my teen self didn't want THIS...

Monday, April 18, 2011

a whale of a day

our day in cell phone pics...

this morning kingston was walking, tripped over who knows what, and half choked on his whale cracker/half choked on his snot (poor bubba has a cold). he was pretty sad after that happened so he grabbed his blanket aka "baby" or "bee" and his pacifier and snuggled up in my lap for a good 5 minutes while we watched spongebob. this is a very rare occurrence for him to sit & chill for more than 10 seconds. I loved it, of course. after he got up from his nap, we put the 4 loads of laundry away, and he ate some steamed carrots and spongebob chicken noodle soup. duane's brakes are out on his car so for the past week he's been using mine for work. well, today I really wanted to get out of the house. which basically means he was left with no car for work tonight, so he got someone to work for him & he got to join kingston and I for a walk around the mall. we visited the easter bunny (we plan on taking kingston to get his picture taken tomorrow afternoon when I'm off of work because I want him to be looking snazzy in his easter outfit) and after looking the bunny up and down, kingston approved and sat in his lap for a bit. good to know, now we won't be worried about how his picture goes tomorrow. then we strolled around, said hi to duane's buddies who were working, and let kingston play in the kiddo park for a good half hour. we went to noodles & co. for dinner and instead of getting my usual med salad, I got the pesto cavatappi and felt like a whale afterwards. other than feeling enormous right now, today was a good day.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

girl's night

so yesterday I had planned to drive to my parent's house to drop kingston off with my mom while holly and I had a girl's night out. SO MUCH FOR THAT. I couldn't get ahold of my mom all day yesterday. I was pretty bummed. instead, kingston and I hung out at home and danced around the living room listening to adele. he loves to dance by himself and sometimes puts his arms out straight in front of him, kinda like he's telling a girl to "back that ass up." it's hilarious. he also loves it when I pick him up and fly around the room with him while half dancing/half dying of laughter. he never fails to put a smile on my face and remind me that there's no place I'd rather be.

tonight, however, is definitely going to be a girl's night out for this mama. duane gets done with his pool tournament soon (and will hopefully bring chipotle home for a late lunch) and will stay at home with kingston by himself tonight (which rarely ever happens). my boss, sonya, invited a few of her fave working girls over to her new house for a girl's night consisting of food, dessert, drinks, games, and movies. I'M SO EXCITED. it'll probably turn into a slumber party and that's pretty rad too.

oh, and, I still haven't heard back from my mom. helloooo? call a daughter back, would ya.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

my pinterest obsession

pinterest is my new favorite thing. I love that they give you an easy button to pin anything and everything that you find and love. so much fun and so addicting. it's great for sharing ideas and getting inspired. I've already pinned a bunch of photos for DIY tasks and things I want in my future home, kind of exciting :)

the only lame thing, though, (sorry pinterest) is that their servers are so sloooowww. probably because so many people are busy pinning away but seriously, it freezes and slows down my computer every couple minutes. ugh!

my pinterest account if you wanna check out some of my favorite things.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

margarita, please!

margs by saylerbelle

taco tuesday! but we had subway instead...

I'm attempting to make a banner in photoshop right now, but I'm really sucking at it. I want someone who has a super cute blog layout & stuff to just go into my account and MAKE IT LOOK CUTE. I don't like the designs blogger gives you. borrriiiing. maybe I need to just pay someone to use their skillz and pimp out my blog. yep, I just said pimp my blog.

this will be a good test post to see how my crap looks as I decide & then undecide on colors and shtuff. also, HELLO HOLLY because you're the only one who knows this exists ;)
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