Thursday, June 23, 2011


wowza, this week kind of flew by. I actually have a few things I want to blog about but until I get the energy to sit down and type it all out, here are a few cell phone pictures from this week!

- we've been going for a lot of walks lately. we even have a "route" that we go and each time we go a few blocks further down. kingston never sits still that long and I'm amazed that he doesn't fuss to get out and walk. too much stuff to look at I guess, which is fine by me because it's actually really relaxing. - a bowl full of mac & cheese that kingston later tossed on the floor. (I guess he's over his love for mac & cheese) - passed the f out. - loves mama & daddy's big bed. - eating lunch and looking like such a BIG BOY.

on tuesday night we went to chuck e cheese! this was kingston's 2nd time at chuck e cheese but the first time he was only 6 months old (we went with my 9 year old nephew) so he actually ENJOYED it this time! as soon as we got there he took off and started screaming "OOOO!" at everything. this was duane's first time at chuck e cheese, so he had a lot of fun spending all of our tokens on all the games. the only downside of going to places like this is that it always smells like feet, kid sweat and pizza, ugh. I'm excited to take kingston when he's older and can play some of the games all by himself!

yesterday me, duane, my boss sonya, sonya's husband ron, and my friend/co-worker lisa started the 17 day diet! this is mine and sonya's second time doing this diet. we started it back in january and made it the full 4 cycles. I'm really excited to post ALL about this diet and how awesome it is (okay, it's not awesome but it WORKS) but I'll have to save that for another day. and, no, it's not just for 17 days people. it's 4 cycles of 17 days and it basically re-teaches you how to eat healthy! I'm the only one working out (30 day shred whoop, whoop), so I'm really hoping to reach my NEW goal weight this time around.

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