Friday, June 3, 2011

friday favorites

a few cell phone pictures: passed out in the car after a fun weekend at grandma's, a painting I did a few months ago that I gave to my sister for her birthday (she had told me she wanted a copy of it, aw), kingston is not a fan of strollers/carts - "up! up! up!", and a happy toddler doing his own thing in target.

now onto a few of my friday favorites...

love love love this song.

I don't really consider myself a lady gaga fan but some of her songs are pretty awesome, and her new album is pretty rad! a few of my faves are you and I, the queen, electric chapel, and hair. they're all so catchy and fun.

I took a "30 days of simply SLR" class, taught by faith of simplicity, for the month of may. WORTH EVERY PENNY. I didn't know the first thing about taking pictures in manual mode on my new canon t1i and now I totally get it thanks to faith. I have a lot of learning to do yet but I'm so glad I know the basics! I can't wait to take more of her classes. she's awesome. if you're interested in checking out some photos I took for her class, go here.

bahahaha. this video.

spongebob squarepants, anyone? duane showed me this yesterday on TV and, yep, we found it pretty hilarious.

safari themed forest wedding. lots of pretty photos! and the one with all the ladies wearing different pairs of rainboots? love it.

I recently picked up 2 new reads that I'm pretty excited about. I'm pretty much in love with chelsea handler so it's obvious I'm going to love her new book as well. and water for elephants? I wanted to see the movie SO BAD when I first saw the previews but I wanted to read the book first so I'll just check it out when it comes out on DVD. books are always better than the movies but if it has reese witherspoon in it, I'm going to love it no matter what. have any of you guys read these books? what did you think of them??

welp, that's it for today. short and sweet! next friday I'm going to do a post with my favorite makeup & hair products. I'm always buying new makeup and crap for my hair, and now that it's summer I've gone a little crazy the past few weeks with new nail polish, bronzer, and blonde hair products. so that will be pretty fun (for me)!

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  1. I read Water for Elephants a few months ago and LOVED it. Now I need to get around to seeing the movie.


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