hello! my name is jaime, and I'm 22 years old. I love anchors, dreamcatchers, peace signs, and tj maxx. duane, my boyfriend of almost 3 years, is a football quarterback turned pool shark. there may just be wedding bells in our future but right now we're pretty content with the life we're living, together. we are currently renting a cute little apartment in southern minnesota.

our son kingston was born january 19, 2010. he turned our worlds upside down, in the best way possible. he has turned me into a better person and showed me that there's nothing more amazing in this world than being a mama. I adored the newborn and baby stages, where I got to hold him all day, cuddle him all night, and play with him on the floor while we listened to finding nemo in the background. he's blowing my mind now that he's a grown toddler. he's a baby (err, toddler) genius in my eyes and learns something new everyday. he has a hilarious personality and never fails to put a smile on someone's face. he kinda means the world to me.

when I'm not at home playing with my adorable little monster, I work part-time as a sales associate at massage envy. I've worked there for over 3 years and my co-workers are like family to me. receiving massages when it's slow at work is also an added bonus.

this blog is about my family and what we like to do on the daily. this blog is also about me and all the pretty awesome things I love, such as art and DIY projects, photography, music, shopping, makeup & hair pretties, reading, and many other fun things you'll find scattered throughout these pages.

get to know a little bit more about me here and here.
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