Tuesday, May 24, 2011

sandbox lovin'

kingston and I stayed at my parents' house this past weekend. he played with his new turtle sandbox which is surprisingly really small. I mean the turtle is huge but the main sandbox part is not. there's a little ledge to sit on and a "lazy river" around the top of it but come on, my child is 16 months old and average height/weight and barely fits in that thing. lame. my mom bought him MORE sandbox toys. she also washed all his 18-24 month clothing that she bought him, so yep, my child has more clothes than I can make room for. it's kinda crazy how much my mom and I both love to shop, especially for kingston. he's one spoiled little boy.

the last few pictures are of the pot I painted for my mom for mother's day/her graduation. I like how it turned it. I didn't take any pictures of the geraniums I bought to go IN the pot because I haven't the slightest clue how to go about doing that. so I just set the pot & the flowers, along with her gardening gloves, on the counter and waited until she noticed. she loved 'em. for my mother's day gift she bought me one of my fave perfumes - chanel chance (and let me sleep in super late on sunday!) she's one awesome mama. oh, and the flowers in the background are from duane's mom. she bought them for me on her last day here because I'm one awesome mama. she's so sweet :)

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