Thursday, May 19, 2011


oh my gosh you guys. I can finally breathe. duane’s mom left tuesday night, I’m done with my 3 day work week (it’s stressful sometimes okay), the apartment is semi-clean, the laundry is done, and I can sit and relax... for a little bit.

kingston and I are going to my parent's house this weekend and grandma has all kinds of new toys for kingston including a pretty sweet turtle sandbox to go with his new sandbox toys from mama & daddy. every kid has to have a sandbox, ya know? we haven't been to visit in awhile so I'm getting her mother's day & graduation gifts ready. her job of almost 20 years closed down and paid for her to attend 2 years of school, which she completed with a 4.0 GPA every single quarter. she's such a little smarty pants. basically all she did was study, study, study and talk about her homework and teachers. my dad is in afghanistan (he served a year in iraq a few years ago and is now serving a year in afghanistan, he'll be home this september) so school is really all she had to keep her busy. now that school is over you'd think she'd be out applying for badass accounting jobs but instead she's outside doing yardwork and working on her gardens. I got her a nice heavy-duty pair of gardening gloves, an engraved ceramic stone for one of her gardens and a potted plant/flowers. I'm planning on painting the pot myself and HOPEFULLY (fingers crossed) getting kingston's hand prints on the pot as well. it's gonna be messy and awesome, and I really hope it turns out. I got the awesome pot painting idea from lovely melissa over at dear baby. I'll photograph the final result :)

here are a few pictures from the past weekend when we went to mall of america and let kingston get his ride on. and who doesn't love clapping pictures? ;)

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  1. Cute pictures! And yay for your mom, that is pretty awesome! Not about her job closing down, but going to school, good for her Miss 4.0!


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