Friday, May 27, 2011

friday favorites

I love reading friday favorites on other's blog so I figured I would start my own cause, ya know, I have a lot of favorite things to share!

I don't like country music. never have, probably never will. but I do like this song.

duane and I sat reading this website for almost an hour the other night. we were laughing SO hard.

this concealer is awesome and inexpensive. it's my new favorite concealer for sure. I've heard it's a dupe for kat von d's tattoo concealer, so that's pretty awesome because kat's is around $25. steal!

it is very safe to say that I'm addicted to perfume. I don't know why I've never tried this perfume before but it's definitely one of my new faves.

I have a top almost identical to this one but mine is from charlotte russe, black/grey/lime green, and TOO BIG. I'm thinking I might have to replace it with this one. I love leopard print, sorry 'bout it.

now that we're on one of my favorite subjects (shopping at forever21), I might as well let you all know that I want this dress, these flats (leopard print, we meet again), this topthis peasant topthese awesome dreamcatcher earrings, this owl necklace, these shorts for lounging around the apartment, and this purse. WHEW! that's a lot of stuff (and I only got through half the new arrivals, yikes).

I hope you all have an awesome memorial weekend!

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