Friday, July 8, 2011

friday favorites

aaaaand it's friday, again. time for some favorite things.

duane showed me this video of an old man absolutely LIVID about the casey anthony verdict. preach it, grandpa!

I'm still doing the 17 day diet and today is day 17, which means tomorrow my diet pals and I will start cycle 2 for 17 days. I've decided once cycle 4 hits I'm going to celebrate with these bad boys. my mouth is watering!

after a little convincing from my sister I finally decided to pick up the hunger games. I couldn't put the first book down. I loved it. I just started the second one so once I finish posting this, you know where I'll be.

I really want this handbag. simple and perfect!

I also want this makeup brush. I have a similar one from sigma that I use to apply my foundation. I've heard from some beauty gurus on youtube that they like the coastal scents brush better than sigma's. I'm thinking I'll have to test that out myself.

these eyeshadow kits are awesome. I already have a few eyeshadow kits with tons of colors that I never use but for some reason I really want both of these. one has matte colors and the other has shimmer colors. would I actually use these? who knows, but I still want them.

I have oily skin, so of course it gets ridiculous in the summer. I recently bought this "de-slick" spray, and I love it. I definitely see a difference when I wear it. it's pretty much a life saver for my face.

I'm really pumped for this weekend because on sunday a few friends and I are going to valleyfair which is an amusement park in the cities. I used to go a few times every summer but haven't been in about 3 years. I absolutely can not wait. I could spend all day riding rollercoasters (or any ride, really) and never tire of it. I hope the gals I'm going with can keep up!

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