Sunday, July 31, 2011

the fair!

yesterday was FUN. duane, kingston and I went to old country buffet for breakfast. I'm really not a fan of their breakfast, but duane loves it and we hadn't been there since we started our diet (that we kinda fell off track with once we went on vacation, whoops). after breakfast I headed over to get my hair done. nothing fancy, just the usual blonde, a trim, side bangs, and face framing layers. I've been going to a new (MUCH CHEAPER) place for almost a year now and I adore the lady who does my hair, the only down fall of going to a cheaper (but still awesome) place is that they don't style your hair for you. so basically she blows my hair dry and I walk out with a hot blonde mess.

kingston took a late nap and ended up sleeping for FOUR HOURS. it was insane. usually he sleeps for a good 2 hours, sometimes 3. my sister jess & brother in law dave came up to hang out with kingston and I at the fair going on in town, so we waited & waited for him to finally wake up. we went to perkins for dinner and throughout the entire meal kingston was a crazy kid and getting up in everyone's face yelling "HIIII HII HI HI." he's so entertaining and people just love him everywhere we go.

the fair was awesome! kingston must have been wired after sleeping for 4 hours because he was SO excited about everything at the fair. he was jumping around and dancing like crazy - all while sitting in his stroller, haha. we walked around and checked out all the rides, games, food, and animals. they always have so many animals to look at and animal shows going on. kingston kept calling the horses and goats "dogs." hahaaa! they had an animal birthing center with a fake cow that kiddos could milk water out of, 2 huge mama pigs and all their adorable little piglets, baby chicks being born, and even a mama cow giving birth! it was crazy hot and humid out so I'm pretty sure our favorite (kingston's too!) part of the fair was the huge snow cones we got. deeelicious!

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