Tuesday, July 26, 2011

california vaca part 1

it's a tad ridiculous the amount of pictures I took while in california for 5 days. I'm a little peeved that I only have 1 picture of myself but it happens, and I really need to work on getting in front of the cam. hopefully you all can take what I look like and imagine me in these photos with my cute fam.

thursday was spent at airports, in the air entertaining a crazy-no-way-am-I-taking-a-nap 18 month old and chillaxing at duane's parent's house in moreno valley. duane's mom set up the boys' old but sturdy crib for kingston in a room downstairs. the 2 hour time difference didn't seem to bother him too much during the trip or after, he's pretty easy going with going to bed and getting up at appropriate times. props to him on that! friday the whooole family (duane's mom & dad, older brother david, younger brothers matt & tommy, duane, kingston, myself) went shopping at a pretty awesome outlet mall. the highlight of that trip was an awesome frozen yogurt shop that I can't remember the name of, I just know that we had no idea what we were doing and were surprised to find out that the reason they only have one (huge) size cup is that they charge you by it's weight. that makes sense, huh? welp, I got a gigantic heap of birthday cake flavored frozen yogurt with sprinkles, and kingston and I loved every bite of it.

saturday I went with duane, his dad, older brother david & younger brother matt to the giants vs the padres baseball game in san diego. before hitting up the baseball game, we strolled down to the tilted kilt to meet some (old) dudes from their fantasy baseball league. cool. all of the guys and their wives were super nice and even paid for our drinks! they had a bunch of prizes to give away so we all won a few pinetar baseball t-shirts and coffee mugs. after a (free) beer buzz, the whole gang headed to the game. duane's dad bought us (freaking expensive) slices of pizza, and I pretty much took pictures throughout the entire game. I'm not really into baseball and had never been to a game before, but it was pretty cool they let me tag along.

monday was a pretty chill day spent indoors watching reality tv, running around after kingston and eating subway. later on that night duane, his younger brother matt and I went to play mini golf at fiesta village. I lugged around my camera and got a few pictures in between half rocking-half sucking on their 2 courses. I lost the first (super hard) round but won the second round of their regular course. duane was reading off our scores and his brother matt was shocked, "jaime beat me?!" bahaha.

stay tuned for part 2 which will include our nice little sunday spent at SEAWORLD. that's where all the photo goodness (of kingston) is, folks!


  1. LOVE your photos!!! they are amazing!!!

    jenna duty



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