Thursday, July 21, 2011

because I'm too lazy to update about our cali trip...

soooo, we're back from california! we got back tuesday night actually, I've just been busy cleaning our messy apartment, unpacking & doing laundry, working, editing vacation photos, and trying to get back into the swing of things. we had an awesome time with duane's family in moreno valley and had an absolute blast at seaworld and at the giants vs the padres game in san diego! until I find the time and energy to finish editing all the photos I took, I'll leave you with a few cell phone pictures from the last week...

playing in his new cars blow up tent - that we had to leave at grandma & grandpa allen's.

drinking beer at the titlted kilt while duane, his dad & brothers meet up with the pinetar fantasy baseball dudes.

napping in the car on the way to seaworld, playing with his uncle's old toys, back home dancing to his fave movie.

dazed while grubbing on crackers and mac & cheese.

be back sooooon with (way too many) vacation pics!

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