Thursday, April 28, 2011

falling slowly

the other night I was watching the voice (christina aguilera is on it, ya know?) and this couple came on singing a duet and oh. my. god. they're SO good! I did a little google searching and the song they sang is falling slowly by glen hansard & marketa irglova. it's such a pretty song, and I've been playing it on repeat all night. I decided to do a little more searching on the adorable couple from the voice and found out they go by the name elenowen. I checked them out on itunes and their version of falling slowly is up so of course I'll be listening to their's on repeat now. check it out!

(this is the original recording)

(elenowen's recording)


  1. We turned on The Voice rigth when this duo was going on ... they were great! Thanks for the info b/c I have been thinking about them but haven't followed through to find out the details. Yay!

  2. i just dl'd this from itunes and i'm obsessed! thanks for sharing!

  3. yay I'm glad you guys like it! it's so pretty, how would you not, right?!


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