Wednesday, April 27, 2011

15 months old

when a doctor tells you your child is 7 months ahead for his age, I think I deserve a little bragging time. am I right? I'm one proud mama. and even if he was 7 months behind, I would still be one proud mama!

on tuesday kingston had his 15 month appointment (he turned 15 months old on april 19th). he's becoming very skeptical of strangers which is so strange to see him do because he has always been so friendly and would jabber up a storm around anyone. now when he sees someone new, he takes the time to think about who that person is and want they're going to do. he usually checks them out a little bit, then will ask them a question with one of the words he knows. "bun?" "again?" haha. it's pretty funny to watch how he questions people. in the end, though, he usually always gives a smile & becomes his silly ol' self.

he didn't give the nurses his "silly ol' self" treatment. he knew exactly what they were up to and basically cried his little head off while getting weighed and measured. it's like he KNEW one of them was going to be the person who made mama & dada hold him down while they jabbed him in the leg for those darn shots ;(

his doctor, however, he really seems to like (after about 5 minutes or so of watching her every move). he likes her SO much that he shows off all his mad skills for her. he really helped me out by backing up all my "he can do this and say this and this" stories that I gush on and on about. sometimes babies are great at making their proud parents look like complete liars (they're so smart like that). he talked up a storm (this kiddo says a lot of words for only being 15 months old), showed her how he's a "problem solver", and how well he listens and reacts to what someone says. the doc left very impressed and let us know that we can skip his 18 month appointment because he's way past 18 months - he's where a 22 month old should be. *beaming mom face*

kingston's stats...
height: 31 1/4 inches
weight: 24 lbs 12 oz


  1. He is so cute! Isn't it amazing when they start talking ... it's so fun to have conversations with them. :)



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