Monday, April 18, 2011

a whale of a day

our day in cell phone pics...

this morning kingston was walking, tripped over who knows what, and half choked on his whale cracker/half choked on his snot (poor bubba has a cold). he was pretty sad after that happened so he grabbed his blanket aka "baby" or "bee" and his pacifier and snuggled up in my lap for a good 5 minutes while we watched spongebob. this is a very rare occurrence for him to sit & chill for more than 10 seconds. I loved it, of course. after he got up from his nap, we put the 4 loads of laundry away, and he ate some steamed carrots and spongebob chicken noodle soup. duane's brakes are out on his car so for the past week he's been using mine for work. well, today I really wanted to get out of the house. which basically means he was left with no car for work tonight, so he got someone to work for him & he got to join kingston and I for a walk around the mall. we visited the easter bunny (we plan on taking kingston to get his picture taken tomorrow afternoon when I'm off of work because I want him to be looking snazzy in his easter outfit) and after looking the bunny up and down, kingston approved and sat in his lap for a bit. good to know, now we won't be worried about how his picture goes tomorrow. then we strolled around, said hi to duane's buddies who were working, and let kingston play in the kiddo park for a good half hour. we went to noodles & co. for dinner and instead of getting my usual med salad, I got the pesto cavatappi and felt like a whale afterwards. other than feeling enormous right now, today was a good day.


  1. Oh my goodness! You have such a cute little fam! You are one gorgeous mamma!

  2. aw, thank you! you're so nice! :)


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