Friday, September 9, 2011

kingston's fall shopping list

the other day I was going through kingston's dresser and closet and packing up all his clothes that he's grown out of these past few months and replacing them with 18-24 and 2T clothes. doing this every few months always reminds me of how fast he's growing and how big he's getting. his cute cargo shorts are now being replaced by cargo pants, and his go-to nike sandals are soon being tossed aside so he can wear his 1st pair of black converse (I squeeeeled with happiness when the shoe salesman slipped them on his feet for the first time). sometimes as I'm shopping for kingston I'll purposely buy him things in bigger sizes just to be prepared for when the weather changes from 90 to 50 degrees and when kingston has an overnight growth spurt. I happen to share this shopping habit with my mom, who constantly adds to kingston's closet - especially in bigger sizes. my old co-worker and friend, shauna, who has 3 kids under 4 has 2 older boys and is SO generous to come over with bags full of clothes for kingston. everything is always in awesome shape and pretty much brand new. her and I share the love of stores like old navy, baby gap, target and gymboree, which means kingston + old navy jeans & pants for free = happy mama!

I thought I'd share a list of items on kingston's fall shopping list. some of these I've already bought but most are currently on his (my) wishlist!

1. converse - he's going to rock the heck out of these this fall.

2. jeans & cargo pants - almost all of kingston's come from old navy, SO comfortable.

3. zip-up hoodies - old navy wins this too, they're ridiculously soft and cute.

4. waffle-knit tees - comfy and awesome for layering.

5. "prom king" tee - I can't NOT get this for him, right?

6. "sidewalk king" tee - and this. have to get this.

15. elmo/cars pajamas - he loves seeing his favorite characters & favorite things on his clothes!

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