Thursday, September 29, 2011

is it the weekend yet?

fall is my absolute favorite time of year, but it also makes me feel like I have to crunch in every awesome little thing that I want to do before the temperture drops to 0 degrees and the snow starts falling. this weekend d and I are going to take kingston to the apple orchard for some apple picking, picture taking and pumpkin buying. afterwards I'm going out with holly! it's been almost 2 months since we've gone out and had an awesomely drunken time together, plus I have tons of girl talk and gossip to spill that I obviously can't share on here or with any of my other friends. ya know? every girl deserves to have a friendship like I do with holly. she's just the best.

I haven't been around too much lately, and I'm pretty sure I haven't picked up my DSLR in about 2 weeks. I'm constantly taking pictures of k with my phone, it's just so much easier since we're on the go all the time. we've been going on as many walks as possible and hitting up the park for as many hours as we can. also? applefest parades and concerts, halloween shopping and decorating, playing at "gamma & papa's" house, wine nights (chocolate milk for k), and working on k's toddler room. among other things!

isn't he just the cutest stinkin' thing ever? ahhh. he makes my heart melt. "bye bye guys! see you shoon!"

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  1. it's the exact opposite here - i feel like we have to cram every fun thing into the 4 days that the temperature drops below 90 :/


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