Saturday, August 20, 2011

lessons in potty training

the other day we had a tragic accident. kingston flushed my car/house keys down the toilet. the kiddo has always loved keys and has an on going love for all things potty related, so we should have seen this one coming. it took me by suprise as I was flushing the toilet and out of nowhere kingston flies in the bathroom and tosses my keys in the water. my ninja-like skills failed me and I wasn't able to retrieve them in the .2 seconds I had. I immediately called my boss sonya who I had just been shopping at hobby lobby with, she told me she'd call her brother and ask him what to do, then call me back. I then text duane the not so good news and decided to call our maintenance man for advice. he pretty much told me my keys are most likely gone forever but I did what he advised me to do and stuffed a few pieces of toilet paper down the toilet and flushed.

GOOD NEWS (false hope): the toilet clogged right away, and I agreed to pay $30 for him to come the next morning to tear the toilet apart and hopefully save my keys.

BAD NEWS: duane called me the next morning while I was at work to inform me that, indeed, I had to pay $30 for our maintenance man to tell me my keys are long gone.

if you're thinking, "no big deal, just use your spare" then I will tell you that duane (I'm 99% sure it was him) "misplaced" my spare a few months ago. another huge bummer? both my regular set and spare set had come with an awesome remote starter which comes in super handy when you have a child about to get into a boiling hot or freezing cold car.

I now have a pretty dang expensive new set of keys with a remote starter, along with new wall hooks to keep our keys out of kingston's reach. he'll have to learn to love his fake set of keys we got him for christmas last year. like most babies, he's never had any interest in "fake" toys. figures!

and, since we're on the "potty" subject, I might as well let you all know that kingston is a potty training CHAMP. we're fully aware that he's only 19 months old and that potty training boys can be a lot of work, but HE has been showing so much interest the past few months that there's really no stopping him or us. if he's into it, then we're into it and plan to teach him as best we can. he's always gotten excited when we tell him that we have to use the bathroom. he even hands me toilet paper, you guys! (and grabs a few pieces for himself and rubs them on the back of his shorts) we're pretty sure he's got #2 down pat - as long as he lets us know in time to take his diaper off. and, of course, there are times where there's a false alarm and he tells us "no poop" when he's changed his mind. going #1 is going to take some work though, and we're definitely not getting rid of diapers just yet. we're just happy that he's already so excited about the potty training process and wants to learn! hopefully we can keep this up and ditch the diapers sooner rather than later.

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